Podcast Production Dashboard — Manage your Podcast in Notion


Manage your entire podcast production workflow in this Notion dashboard

This fully customisable dashboard will support you or your team through the entire podcast production process from pre-production through to promotion.

Take advantage of Notion's power and flexibility to manage your episodes, guests, production, and more.

What's included?

  • New episode template
  • New guest template
  • Fully connected task manager
  • A pre-recording checklist for you and your guests
  • Plus a lot more

Who made this template?

Hi! 👋 I'm Alex and I've been working with podcasters for almost 10 years and I've worked on well over 1000 episodes so far.

Mostly I work on podcast production with my clients and I've learned that a little planning and organising goes a long way to make podcasting enjoyable and successful.

That's why I made this dashboard.

It's a centralised hub for everything that I've learned a podcast needs from all my years of experience. From keeping track of guests, to planning out an upcoming season, or just making sure that all those small forgettable tasks don't get forgotten in the process. This dashboard will keep you moving forward in your podcasting journey.

"I've got questions"

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Podcast Production Dashboard — Manage your Podcast in Notion

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